Bleak House –

never read it

But read the title –

A Bleak title indeed


Bleak future for mankind

All bottled-up with tight corkscrew

Pop goes the weasel or man blows his top


Hair is pulled out at the four

mop-tops Concert




Long-haired lover from Liverpool

Slides down the charts into oblivion


Another crow crows – a lark and a dove

But best of all please let their be love


Spray of lawn spray – wets us all – passing by

Laughter fills the air – we have

Got to get it together now


But there’s always another –

cup of cold coffee and a piece of cake


Sideburns – burnt off now – all gone

No more films – showing on –

The ancient screens of long ago

Bulldozed into – nothing in the air


Contaminating atmosphere

And blackening the sky


Your careless – my careless – indifference

But what can we do?

One man said: ‘what does it matter anyway?’


The world is well spun 360 degrees-times-many

Anyone dizzy? Life’s busy

– though


And you don’t have time today

To wile away the hours in strange pursuits


Pragmatists say it – like it is


Bleak? Bleak as ever when you meet.


The pessimist – the former undertaker

Who spun on his heels one day

And thought himself – as good as Fred Astaire

So he took up a new career on the dance floor

He was good at it too

He lost all his former bleakness

Set sail on a cruise ship and never returned

to the bleakness of his apartment

above the funeral parlour


He slipped on a tomato sandwich one day

And went overboard into the bleakness

of the ocean below – rescued from the deep


Went into deep depression – seemed

Everything was bleak


What about “have a bleak day”

Instead of “Have a good day”


You may be bleak

But I can see you take comfort in being unique


I’ve often said this

So I will not say it again


Is it hard to be original?

Not really – just don’t complain


Some think it’s a rat-race mess

All this bleakness drives you insane


They’ve named a new Row

Bleakness replacing Skid


You can see what I did

– there?


His final bleak outlook is this:

If I could give a forecast for your emotions

And point at the chart of your internal weather

Would I help you by predicting the rain and fog

of melancholy? –

Would it stop you from becoming a melancholic

Addicted to bleakness?

2 thoughts on “Bleakness

  1. Hmm, all kinds of “pieces” here, among them Ecclesiastes, the Beatles, and Jonah. At least, that’s the way I see it, which I guess is the point of poetry. Despite its bleakness, an enjoyable read, Ken.

    Liked by 1 person

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