Round and round the garden

Round and round the garden

I would like to reciprocate with myself

Pats on the back – what else?

Round and round the garden goes the reciprocator

One step – two steps – thirty steps later

Building up speed as I go along

Into the mouth goes the Fisherman’s friend

Giving a false sense of extra air at each bend


Round past the flower pot and the sitting stones

Ten more blades of grass trampled in my advance

As the new kind of lawnmower continues to prance

This is a mini world it would seem

Variations on a theme – as you reciprocate my dream

That pretends I’m out and about and satisfied too


Secretly I harbour dastardly plans

To go and demand

That the coffee shop opens for me

So I can have my coffee-card stamped

And sup leisurely


My friend has gone to a foreign country

It might as well be – it’s his back garden for tea

Never the twain shall meet he and I

Until this obnoxious storm has gone

And we all stand together no longer forlorn


So if you get a chance to scream

Go to bed instead – for another dream

Don’t despair we’ve all been there

Pick someone and offer some care

Plus – go round and round the garden

like the teddy bear

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