Once upon a time

A time once long ago

There lived in a tree

Five branches in cordiality


They appeared the same

But individuals by name

All stretched outwards

Dwelling side by side


Then some stretched further

But all stretching in one accord

Until one day someone decided

To be the one in front


Competitiveness ensued

Entering the leafy-forest-glade

And the branches began to rage


They buffeted and bumped

Each other out of place

Leaning over and strangling

Their neighbour’s advance


The woodsman eventually 

Decided he’d had enough

His axe was swung at the trunk

And down the whole wood family came

The axe-man had his day

They were well and truly rumbled

As he grumbled and cut them all away


No more vying for position

No green-coloured-envy –

only contrition

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