The wind and rain whipped across the rooftop

With severity

Bashing everything in it’s path

Showing no charity

Curling and lifting and tossing and bossing about –

Anything it could get it’s hands on

leaving all in no doubt

About – the fact that it meant business of

the most unkind-kind


Tarpaulin ripped apart releasing all that it tried to bind

Wind – No respecter of persons it’s coercion – included

All trees – thumped and bent and harassed and denuded

The wind blows where it will – we hear the sound


Indoors we hear it’s drum roll and the rain’s merry go-round

Heard one way – heard another way –

fixed on drenching the house


Creatures run to hide – rabbit, fox or mouse

Deluge of showers watching it’s own result

As saturation point is reached leaving injury and insult


The weather – whether or not – it’s nice or

throwing a tantrum

Living up to it’s name –

proving itself our chum or leaving us numb


We engage in wordy-aftermaths, as we each tell our story

Of how bad this was or talk of the sun in all it’s glory

Sun shines to heat – and sunburnt – we meet – her –

with a welcoming Oil

Everyone relaxes from their work and toil


They sang of slipping into the shade

To sip their lemonade

Or run and hide their heads from the downpours drench


Who knows if this rain will last and we need to dig a trench?

Weather weather weather all different kinds

Especially in the homeland where I come from 

Step out in the sun – swim in the rain – freeze in the wind

Or do all three – each day – alternatively


Weather weather everywhere part of life you see

Weather for you and weather for me – forecast on the TV


Some hang on every word wanting to know the score

I couldn’t care less – glasses for sun – umbrella for rain

How difficult does it have to be – need I say more?


Weather – global warming – plastic playing it’s part –

Coral reefs – ignorant I be

of what all this means – comparatively


I like you – look to – the experts agenda –

ready to do my part


But above and beyond in outer space and further

In the untold reaches of the universe –

that’s where the answers be


Weather in the here and now – look out the window

What do you see?

Can I hang out the washing – or ‘a waste of time it be’

Take your dog for a walk – in the park


And contemplate with me – if it wasn’t for the weather where would we be?

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