In a world of people

In a world of people

People – poets – spill out their words

People – protesters – spill onto the street

Busby-headed guards stand there – nice and neat

Buses queue one behind the other

Which one is for you – as you diligently seek?


Society at large creates the common view

Some go astray in alcohol – intellectually askew

The common proletariat retreat to the dining room

Sunday lunch without fail – to consume


Those inbred digesters – give time to the TV screen

Big part of their lives – another drama or

Documentary scene


Over-indulgence and mass clickety-click

Anything at all to distract

Ten minute study – now move on

Some puff cigarettes still

Others as a result swallow their pill

Killing-off cancer if cancer doesn’t kill


“What’s next?” the decorator asks his boss

“Go upstairs and move the wardrobe

When you finish painting that wall

You can give the wife a call”

“Fine” says the decorator failing to know

That he will spill a full tin of paint

his second in a row


He’s having a bad week

Tries to compensate

by not crying over spilt paint


Back to society at large

Many go to and fro

Like men with umbrellas

In Magritte’s sky

Many lose their job forcing themselves to think:

What does it matter anyhow?

“I was made for something better than this”

But no compensation when all goes amiss


And into the canyon go the heroes and villains

Breaking windows randomly 

And applauded by their gang

Mindless denial of normality


Susceptible to the easy influence

Many can’t separate good from evil

And in the midst of the upheaval

Suddenly run out of steam

And saunter back to the back streets


And what of the here and now

What say ye?

What have you chosen and what is your buzz?

Are you studiously disgusted like the rest of uz?


Corporate power-plays

Play-out their aspirations

Selling the world-over – to all nations


Through times of trouble

And more besides

The world of people that can’t decide


We are all the same – but individuals still

Stopping for a break and a random think

Many have ‘had it’ and kick up a stink

“Where’s it all going to?”

One man asks – stepping out of the shadow

In which he basks

Now he is in the

Sunlight – in the fresh-air and right up to date

Waiting for the pandemic to dissipate


Back in the old routine

It would or might seem

In the world of people –

People dream

Some scream – they know what you mean

When you tell them things are uneven

Even Steven has to stop making movies

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