Ugly reprise

Ugly reprise

And the cacophony of generations

Whisper softly or shout aloud

Conflicting opinions around the world resound


No one seeks the hidden wisdom

Too busy making their sound

Whilst others in a daze remain

Corrupting any speech – thought too plane


Feel the pulse of generations gone

Feel the pulse of generations carrying on

Listen to the drumbeat of causes gone

Addressing and using the crowd as their pawn


Much ado… – and further still

Making their point with terrible chill

That penetrates the bones with ill-will

“Take my point or die you pig-swill!”


So they say, so I’ve heard

So I see on the screens

Screaming – out

blasphemies and attempts at a coup

Nothing stands still – it’s all about you


Squirming masses up in arms

All causes together causing alarms

Sick people from head to toe

Fighting in crime and won’t let go

No compromise or peaceful rapport

“Outa my way” pushed to the floor


Can’t listen – won’t be told

Can but feed the nature below

With all kinds of schemes

And dastardly deeds in tow


Big sway now as the crowd takes an advance

It’s do or die – no time for ‘romance’

It’s crush or be crushed

All authority to oppose

Ways of peace – are thought comatose


And behind every country there hides

A principality of lies

Resurgence of trouble thought normal

– No surprise

When all will not listen and do not get

Blocking their ears and with one accord

Rushing to exterminate


Political correctness all gone amiss

Straining at gnats and swallowing the abyss

Making a fuss with no difference to make

Great swelling words – most of them fake


Rampant irregularities too many to count

Screamed against and forgotten in copious amounts

A whole big deal made of thus and thus

While the unborn die without any fuss

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