Bullies fallen


You’ve seen it –

up through the years

In different scenarios – in different spheres

Starting at school – in the playground

At the milk break


Afterwards as school bags are tossed around

Teenage cheek – putting others down

No thought for feelings received

In Bullish-idioms claiming to be ‘the man’

Tarnishing reputations on demand


You’ve saw it for yourself as you have observed

“Who asked you anyway…?” they say

Dishing out commands


In the present company – jostling for position

The bully – bull-nosed and bulldozed…

Stamps his personality upon the crowd

All know and step away – none step-up to stand-up


But here is a young lad called David ready to at least try

He throws his stone and it lodges near the eye

The bully falls and the immediate ground doth-tremble

David beheads – the giant demonic-assailant

And cries: ‘To God be the glory – not I!’

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