The Commuted Life

The commuted life

We will just carry on this way

Twisting and turning down roads of dismay

Aghast to some degree

Flummoxed and all at sea

Bouncing our conclusions off hearing ears

All pierced-through with inconsistency and tears

All amiss – we still insist

That we are right – but don’t know what to do


Run and hide in ‘ordinary life’

Daily rituals – things we must address

Keep focused on survival to avoid the mess


A Philosopher comes to address our mind

A Doctor our physical frame

An alternative practitioner does the same

A policeman says: ‘Get in line’

A psychiatrist  says: ‘You will be fine’

A football manager gives his reason

A soccer star injured and out for the season


‘Life’ – they call it

As we all commute

Not enough hours in the day – to waste

Hobbies – (a horrible word) – to indulge

We hear of friends the newspapers have disgraced

Increase in suicide – brains emaciated – 

Normality lost or misplaced


There’s that man on the street corner again

Preaching a message with a fervent face

‘Christ is the answer’ he was heard to say

But his message is lost as it’s done in the old-fashioned way

The communist shouts:

“Communism can put a new suit on this man!”

pointing to the vagrant on the street – with his hand

The preacher responds:

“Christ can put a new man in the suit!”


That’s today’s interruption over –

as you make your way

Past the small crowd on display

The street corner preach follows you to the train

Until you open your lap-top once again

Best to see the Stockmarket score

Best to forget and ignore

anything to do with challenge and change

I will return home and re-arrange

The furniture – it’s due a move

I see my goal as a decorator – to DIY improve

Then lie back and lounge after my weekend work

Dosing and day-dreaming I awake with a jerk

Night sleep ruined – you toss and turn

Catch the train again the next day

Slumber and train-sleep but never pray

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