The galloping obstinates heading for the fray

Make a placard – to display what they say

Roughly written words hoisted on high

Conglomeration of puns most of them cliche

Cliche or not they reason

This is the season to make our voice heard

A deeply embedded cause

Wrapped in philosophical thought

They hope will hold sway

Marching – marching on – to the square

See you there – is it Tiananmen or Trafalgar?

With one voice all agree

Until the opposition arrive gleefully

Someone shouts ‘I predict a riot’

Somebody shouts ‘let’s all clash together’

One old man is back to mods and rockers

One young woman can’t see the connection

But they stay on the outskirts of the crowd

They talk together as he reminisces

Their strongly held views suddenly

Disappear as they don’t like violence anyway

So they go for a coffee and she marvels

At his stories

While he is glad of the company

“Can I be your Granpa?”

“Yes” she says –

So they live to fight another day

Some other time maybe?

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