Most joy…

Most Joy

If I could write something that would make a powerful difference to your life. Something you would be so grateful for, that you couldn’t contain yourself and the thankfulness you would overwhelm me with. I wonder what that ‘something’ would be?

I think of those undercover boss episodes, where the boss eventually ‘reveals’ him/herself – and shares all they will do for their employee with specific needs. You have seen the employee’s emotional response of excitement and joy – when they are helped out – usually in some financial burden-lifting way.

I remember the joy I felt when (second attempt) I passed my driving test – quite a few years ago now. Just a comparatively small thing – yet big to me at the time.

So the word verbalised and written was: “I’m glad to inform you that you have passed your test”.

Then there’s the joy of your partner’s response when she says one simple word – to your marriage proposal: “Yes!” What joy! (I’m still of the opinion that the man should propose). As the comic Dame Edna would say: “Call me old fashioned…”

I finish this very short post with the question: “What would you like me to tell you about leaving this life? What will give you the most joy?”

(John 8/32)

3 thoughts on “Most joy…

  1. I don’t know the answer to the question Ken. I might say tell me everything is going to be “okay” but then I don’t know if I know what “okay” is. I sometimes think that joy is an overrated concept in that a state of constant joy would be a terrible…perhaps even unbearable…thing.

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    1. An interesting response! Forgive the on the surface ‘flippant’ response (it’s just an illustration) – but a bit like too much ice cream, you mean? The one thing I have certainty about is the forgiveness of God. And to be told I am forgiven is the source of peace and yes Joy – certainly that all is not over at the grave is joy for now! Thanks for responding.

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