Cult message

Cult message

There you were – just travelling on, minding your own business.

And someone came into your life with a message. 

Ever happened to you? Was it a good – real – genuinely worthwhile message? Offering good news or bad?

As a child along with others in my street – we heard a message offering all kinds of fun and games – baseball stands out – it wasn’t part of our culture, so had the novelty factor.

Next thing I’m given parental permission to visit this large house to partake in these fun and games.

I can’t remember exactly, but I was around the eight-year-old mark.

Fast forward in cutting the story short. And I’m being indoctrinated with some kind of bible stuff? I’m nodding in agreement, because I’m too young to know better either way.

Then I’m changing into white robes and being ducked below the water. A frightening experience, especially as the water stuck in my ears and I couldn’t hear properly afterwards. Frightening for a child of eight.

I was told it was all “ok” with my mum and dad.

Of course it wasn’t, they hadn’t even been informed.

Recreational games with other kids was all they ‘signed up’ for.

The gentleman who had recruited myself and other kids for this fiasco was sending back head counts to his homeland, of how successful his ministry had been.

Of course I never went back, and I can’t actually remember if my parents took any further action.

Back in the day – things were ‘let go of’ more readily.

Today of course, there would be an outcry, and as they say ‘heads would roll’.

I eventually received ex-communication notice from this group of charlatans. Praise God!

Notice I have not mentioned their name, as in their religious label.

Did this experience do any lasting harm? Naw!

But what a glorious contrast when I had a 100% real, conversion experience, when falling to my knees Jesus the Christ revealed Himself to me, as I wept my way into his spiritual kingdom, at my bedside in the house I was reared in.

Colossians 1/13

13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,

God Himself did the work. I am so thankful that He came looking for me. And I fell under His revelation and conviction.

That was 50 years ago today.

2 thoughts on “Cult message

  1. A major, major amen to this one, Ken! Praise God these religionists didn’t get their claws in you, but that our Lord and Savior claimed you for Himself!

    (By the way, typo in the 3rd word, should be “were” not “where.”)

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