Man couldn’t tell


Two humans fell

They had children who fell as well

They replenished the earth

And everybody fell

Slowly the ability to tell – fell as well

Confusion entered-in because of sin

At the tower of babel heads went into a spin

Producing mis-communication as well

There was no way back from this hell

Only increase of sin and sickness 

Man tried to shake-off his fallen state

With good works and idealism and uniting states

But it was too late – man couldn’t tell

Right from wrong – wrong from right

With vile intent – the day is far spent

And now many couldn’t care at all

The saviour appeared for a moment in time

But man couldn’t tell – if He was true or false

Except for eyes opened to behold

The Lamb who took away sins untold

Hard and callous though hearts may be

Those who have ears to hear

Will receive salvation from iniquity

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