Bread and oil/water


Following on with the ‘dry bread’ theme. (See previous post). There is no doubt that we are all made-up intellectually of different stuff.

The same grey matter, but personalities and therefore preferences, as different as – the proverbial chalk and cheese.

This is another reason, it can be said, that we respond with differing perceptions of what is a ‘happy meal’ as opposed to what we dismiss as ‘dry/stale bread’.

When it comes to preaching – many Christians and possibly non-Christians, have different preferences, when it comes to the pulpit. 

For some, unless the preacher’s saliva reaches the first row of the congregation, it isn’t real preaching. 

Unless it is accompanied by the highs and lows of the organ accompaniment, it isn’t real preaching.

Unless sweat appears on brow and shirt – it isn’t the real thing.

A preacher reading his sermon is a ‘no no’ for those who prefer extemporaneous deliveries.

Conversely those who have a greater intellectual need to be informed – shun the ‘blood and thunder’ exhortative approach, wanting good theology instead.

I usually know ‘dry bread’ when I hear it. And I hope I can discern bread mixed with the welcome oil or water of the Holy Spirit.

I embrace most preach-‘expressions’ – I look to experience The Presence of God, I look for soundness in what is shared and I try to listen to God The Holy Spirit, – one ear on the preacher and one for what God wants to personally say to me.

The truth that sets free – is the bread I hunger for. I appreciate information that helps re-enforce the establishing of godly truth. Usually that is what the scholars provide through bible helps.

But – no biblical author ever wrote under the inspiration of Hebrew or Greek. Therefore we cannot truly learn that way either.

We need in other words the inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit Himself.

Lord help us to receive fresh manna and not dry bread. Help us to be in an intimate place with you where all the dryness of human endeavour will give way to the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

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