Thought World


So the drama reaches its climax.

So the novel ends 

And so the spinning universe we can’t comprehend


Will one day change but not disappear

The world we live in terra firma – it’s clear

Will be folded up as a garment


In light of these things non-permanent

Should we not reach for the perpetual?

Should we not investigate the eternal?


Our world of internal strife

Our world of thoughts in the night

Our world of the mental


All kinds of actions consequential

Imagine the world – was but our thoughts

Watch as it’s fever rises to chaos


No thought brought into captivity

Imaginations only evil continually

What shall we do?


Who can stop the spiral?

As clash follows clash

All crippled and masticated it be

The endless thoughts of you and me

Nothing stable just another jumbled muse

Nobody listens – no one will be taught


Imagine complete chaos – no control

Only anarchy and confusion

No creed – no rule – no seminar or school


Every man for himself

Strike-out through the maze

Trample underfoot – apprehend and bind

Leave all decency for everything unkind

All thoughts will die with the spinning heads


Unless we hear the cry

Of the One who wept over Jerusalem 

And still does – over mankind

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