Everything’s important


Everything is important

Even your first bit of toast


You bend your knuckles

doing finger press-ups on your hand


A twitch of the mouth sideways

Will you remember this in years to come?


Because everything’s important

Even when you go for a run


Do you remember that on the ‘fourteenth

Of the eighth – nineteen-fifty-eight’

You crossed the road of the big avenue?


You bought a bag of crisps

but pulled it all apart

You didn’t open it – you destroyed it –

Fifty per-cent of crisps eaten

The rest dirtied on the floor

That was important at the time


And the night you couldn’t get warm in bed

You didn’t sleep – sore head

That night passed – exhausted the next day

Do you remember that event?

A night ill-spent


What was the matter with you anyway?

That was an important night

You were sick for a few hours

And didn’t make a note of it


I can still hear the voices

echoing across the lake

That was an important holiday

I bonded even more with my son


It may not seem important to you

But remember how you made a decision

with heads-you-win – tails-you-lose?

That was a Friday…


You sat bored and kept swinging

your bunch of keys

When was that?

You didn’t get up for an hour

Where was that?

It was important to express

your boredom in that way

In fact will you ever express

boredom in that key-way again?


It’s important to note the dates

When things transpire

Momentous – one-off experiences


You laughed and laughed

‘Cause you got the funny -bug

On Penny Lane with your friend

You couldn’t stop laughing

‘cause – everything was a teenage joke


Not enough sleep again – occasion two

What was that important date?


See – you’ve forgotten…

You can’t pin it down – 1990-what?

So another important event

slips by into unimportance

When it was important at the time


Everything is important

You will come to this again

Innumerable instances of importance


Little and large things transpire

You made no note of them

They didn’t seem important

It’s almost sin – that they passed you by


You stood for too long – that night

Your legs were sore

The comfort you felt when you sat down

Emotionally overwhelmed

With a sense of wellbeing and rest

But you’ve forgotten that important date


The chewing-gum-paper

You folded it and folded it

Until you couldn’t fold it anymore

See? – important…

Never again would you do that

to a chewing gum wrapper

Because you don’t eat chewing gum

anymore – it gives you wind


There you go – see?

An unrecorded moment of

‘immense’ unique importance

The demise of the bubble gum wrapper


You lifted three shirts that day

You put two back on the rack

You wanted one of them

But not more – than the one you bought

But that was one day in the lifetime of

many shopping sprees with your

Hard earned cash


It’s important that you know –

When you bought that sweater

– When that sweater gets holes

You can look back and say:

Sweaters – lasted – intact –

from November ’82 to December 2000

When – they developed holes


Do you see your own importance?

You are important –

with a big head or with humility


It’s an important date – when you were there

Born from your mamma’s womb

She remembers that important day

You cannot – but make a note of it anyway


Flicking through the magazine in the dentists

You read an article – you’ve forgotten

As though it wasn’t important anyway

It was important to the writer

and still is today


The Importance of being Earnest

Oscar Wilde did say

While the stewardess

told you to fasten your seatbelt

It was important in preparation

for the aeroplane’s sway


Everything is important in it’s own way

Your debit card number

Remember it?

What day did it arrive on?

“Not so important?” you say


Important or not important?

Important wins hands down

“Everything is important

in it’s own way”


As we say – in cliche

6 thoughts on “Everything’s important

  1. I love this. A perfect expression of how all things are sooooo important when they happen – maybe not so much twenty years later. A lovely nostalgic poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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