What should I write?


Should I write what you easily get?

Or should I let myself drift?


Either way what is said today

Will not be the same…

Will be the same…

As tomorrow’s quip


What should I write if to

Elicit your commendation

Is it poetry with sensation?


Will I write – (right into your garage)

Like a car often parked

So used to how it’s done

The driver accelerates for fun


Something easily understood?

I will not do anything rude


Perhaps a story of a flower bouquet?

Or better still a soft moon

On display

In the ultramarine sky


Perhaps I should please all the people

And write some grand charitable work


Or will this secretly be one-upmanship?

I’m a better man than thee – Gunga Din


Or should I display dexterity

Should I turn away in pretend-humility

I’m not much of a writer anyway?


As I try to salvage your lost approval

What shall I write today and

What does it matter anyway?

We can be friends without the poetry


As I avoid the addiction

To give attention to you and

Your ordinary life

Lived to the full in every way


I smile and affectionately

shake my head

Marvelling at your simplicity


Daily routines carried out

Without perplexity


As wholesome hands dig the earth

Until it’s time for tea – brewed well

Spoons standing up to give you

That booster-rocket touch to

Re-stride your stride

As you stand up and look around

At your field green and wide

The dog’s tongue out

In a perpetual smile

What time have you for poetry?

Is there not

More important things in life?

Which reminds me of a poem

I wrote the other day… 

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