Choosing what to post, is an exercise that all bloggers obviously and necessarily go through – pre-next posting.

Do we consider our ‘audience’ when doing so? We might ask: ‘What’s the point of posting on a topic that is contrary to the world view of the majority of our ‘followers’?’

Are we posting in order to sell snow to the inuits? Or e.g. In the politics of a certain nation – Are we posting to ‘Republicans’ sharing ‘Democrat(ic)’ things? Or are we perhaps breaking into everybody and anybody’s world view in order to direct them to our own? Are we out to convince them? Are we simply wanting to share what is – a joy to, or at least of interest to – us?

And so on… we could reason, as to the what’s, when’s and wherefore’s of our decision making process, in the context of audience.

How about we all agree as bloggers to give each blogger a day, and on that day we shall all visit their blog, and refrain from posting anything ourselves, on that very same day?

Wow! – they would get some traffic right? 😎

At this point I have to confess – I am not sure where this preamble is going…

So let me change gear and include the introduction of a change of thought, but related.

THE ‘OLD POSTS’ dilemma?

I’m sure someone will answer this. What do you do with OLD POSTS? Do you delete them?

Are we realistic about the fact that people will not take the time to search through our blogs to find them?

Old Posts have had their day?

No – not if never read by someone before…

But there/here, they ‘lie’ unattended to, like paintings in an art gallery vault – locked in the basement and never seeing the light of day.

What shall we do? Delete them?

Well, someone might tell me what they think?

Before I hit the delete button….

11 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Hi Ken. I have over 900 posts and, for some odd reason, people read my old posts every day. At least a few a day. I have no idea how they find them or what their interest is, but they read blogs I wrote in 2016, 2017, etc. Every day there’s always a few.

    And one other thing about deleting them … I save them all. In the same way I save old pictures in a photo album, so I save everything I wrote. Why delete them?

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Ken!

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    1. I have everything I posted already filed on my desktop – so when I write a post I copy and paste it into the WordPress format. So to delete gives more space, although I suppose that’s the last of our concerns as there is ample space to play with. Interested to hear your experience – seems it happens more often than the odd time with me. Blessings today on you David.😎

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  2. I have used old posts as a guide for a new one. My thinking over the past 5years of doing this is pretty consistent, but often needs some updating and editing. I don’t think it’s wrong to use an old post. Not everyone has been a follower for your entire time of writing. Besides some of them are worth a rerun.

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  3. I haven’t deleted a post yet – at least not on purpose! 🙄 Every once in a while I’ll get a “like” or comment on an old post, and I have no idea how that reader got there… Except that I pray daily for God to bring to my blog whoever needs to be there, and lead them to whatever post they need to read.

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