More than just a man


As the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ go out

into the ears of the world

Hands are raised to block those ears

and minds are filled with doubt


They want a new and different gospel –

One that will leave them alone

As they continue to use their free will

To do as they please – unbeknown


I cannot beat you up

With my perfect heavy touch

I have failed and remain impaled

Upon the cross of my total failure


Left there – dead in sin – alone

Separated from a Saviour

Destined for experiences still unknown

When justice is dispensed at the throne


But look – see what has happened instead

I have been saved from the dead

‘Cause someone else has taken my place

Thorn clad and pierced in the side


So that I can be free – forever to abide

In the One who did all this

Taking my place on the tree

Full of pain – to give me life abundantly


All I do is stretch out my hand

His grace sufficient

To make me one of His band

A disciple forever learning

So I say ‘Behold the man…’


You will see – looking closer than before

That He is more – than just a man

He is The Son of the Most High God

Fully God, fully man – please understand


Take your blindfold off your eyes

And give yourself time to realise

That to see the man is to see the One

Who pleased the Father as the Only Begotten Son

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