What’s going on in boxes?

What’s going on in boxes by Ken Riddles

What’s going on in boxes? 2021

All our earthly goods going into boxes

Boxes on boats going up the Amazon

The Amazon has broken it’s banks

There’s a flood of boxes to our doors


Gone are the High times in those stores

No more High streets to explore

All tied-down are those boxes in their queue

Dropping off and dropped off to us

As we look out our window and see another two


What’s going on in boxes?

Less plastic – means more boxes to view?

Amazing boxes tracked-right-through

Amazon driving by – Amazon in the sky


What’s going on in boxes? – smugglers try

All kinds of ways to fool the law

Gleeful receptions from Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Gaw

Boxes jumped into by cats – kids love the box

Forgetting the toy rabbit – whilst losing another sock


What’s going on in boxes?

Amazing boxes sturdy and secure

I think outside the box – and procure

Another delivery – Alexa already knew

I would be receiving it at half-past-two


What’s this thing about boxes?

YouTube and a grand unboxing

As though it was the opening of Parliament

We’re meant to be glued to the TV screen

Supposed to learn from the unboxing theme

I mean how hard is it to open a box?

Has our boredom taken over the planet?

A channel on unboxing –

Sponsored by those who run it


When entertainment is unboxing a game

We’ve lost the plot – it’s such a shame

Still – whatever floats your boat

Down the Amazon – boxes galore

What’s going on in boxes? – like I asked before


Are they all made out of ticky-tacky?

Hoarders houses cleared by boxes on the floor

All boxed-books disappear out the door


If you know what’s going on with boxes

Please let me know

Another box has arrived – with driver in tow


I try to sign the thing that is electronic

If I was a drinking man

I’d reach for another gin and tonic

5 thoughts on “What’s going on in boxes?

  1. I enjoyed this. As I was reading, I was thinking… there must be a cat in there! Sure enough, you did not disappoint. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I have a lovely stack of boxes in the corner of my studio. Boxes are interesting. Some are beautiful. Some are broken. Some are useful. I do like boxes.

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