There are many ways that the following can be established. But using my own blog as an example – It does not surprise me that the attention/likes my posts get, vary depending on the subject matter.

Like the workings of an antique clock – the cogs in our minds start-up and send our thinking in different directions in response to something we see or read.

We usually don’t notice our response has just been stimulated to be what it is. We only act out the result. (Embrace or reject)

Someone posts on the subject of gardening, and it just so happens, that you having just started to plant and cultivate new areas of earth, in your summer weekend hobby pursuit.

So immediately the cogs start to spin and as one cog effects another, the dial shows you have spent twenty minutes of interested reading of a gardening post.

Likewise the blogger is posting on – say – ‘Moses on the mountain top’ and so certain cogs shut down and the brain-clock, grinds to a halt, while your mechanism switches off to such biblical stuff. Not your cup of tea.

But as for me…

(Exodus 34)

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