Giving a Painting

Giving a painting

(Drawing – Communion by Ken Riddles)

Wanted to write to you 

In my sincerity

Wanted to address you

with the respect you are due


Wanted to encourage with a hug

Or a pat on the back

Wanted to assure you that

We are both on track


Wanted to give you this

Just to say ‘Hi!”

It’s the last one I have

Hope it’s pleasing to the eye


My scrawls on paper

Will go down in history

Famous for not being famous

It’s just between you and me


As I stack ‘em high

Wall to wall pieces of art

Of no significance to buy

But a token of love set apart


Yes a token of affection

Just a piece of me

To say you’re my friend

And forever you will be

5 thoughts on “Giving a Painting

  1. Thank you for this, Ken. I will be so greatful when we can actually gather and hug again. It’s been like going through withdrawal for me. I’m one of those who love to hug.

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