Our Life


Intense feelings as we began our intertwining

Following the book we read of other things

Of virtue and wholeness and worship

Pure emotion with mutual respect

Got us to our decision of covenant love


We looked to the hills

The hills of our future life

The horizon lost at times for the present

But all in all and in it all

We kept our bond and journeyed on

With children – three in tow


We spent our times in family gladness

Everyday thing-ness and small crises overcome

Happiness shone even in discontent

For who can be fully with time when eternity beckons


On through the years

Decades here – decades there – in this – in that

Gathering with the throng around the throne


Accepting the next with each decade’s demise

Looking together for the prize

Of the high calling – the anchor of the soul

The strength that permeates our weakness


The vanity of vanities will not overcome

Because of the undefiled harmless and Holy One

And so it will be as we plan – and so it will be

We are led to understand

That all will meet together to see His Return

We shall be like Him – His beauty to affirm

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