The Expert Instructor


The blustery weather set the scene

Raincoats adorned plain to be seen

Collars up for determined advance

Through the grasslands – taking a chance

That all would be well

When destination reached

Fruits of apple, plum, pear and peach

In the hidden garden through the secret path

Only ‘special ones’ stayed for the aftermath

A long session of instruction from the man

Who held the manual in his hand

Only the expert-gardeners dare be here today

Specially chosen to learn with partial dismay

Dismay at the expertise of the master-gardener

Once an architect, artist, bricklayer and carpenter

Now more advanced in knowledge of the soil

Than all the others put together (wrapped in tinfoil)

He gave his final grunt and left them be

To remember his instructions

And pull-up vegetables for tea

2 thoughts on “The Expert Instructor

  1. You have so many talents, Ken. I love your art and poetry, but also your blog posts on your walk with God. Thanks for using those gifts to God’s glory.

    Liked by 1 person

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