We all carry certain mindsets.

As the Politicians are apt to say: ‘let’s be clear…’

So let’s be clear about what a mindset is.

Dictionary: Mindset

the established set of attitudes held by someone: 

So that’s what having a mindset means. For good or bad.

This is not a good thing if we are closed to any progression in our thoughts.

This is a good thing if we are convinced and established in what is correct – unshakeable in our convictions.

It is interesting to note the different mindsets of others. We find these out, (in part at least), when we read a post, or listen to a conversation, or hear someone speaking for some cause etc.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…

Once we speak – we are exposed. Once we write we are exposed. At least partially exposed.

But then we have to deal with, the tendency of others to misunderstand us. Others misunderstand our words. And afterwards mis-represent us in passing-on what we have said.

Words and where to place the emphasis in a sentence, can lead us all astray in incorrectly ‘interpreting’ what the heart of the person is really meaning, and consequently where they are really at, in their (as above Dict. def.) ‘attitudes’.

Too short an utterance, by someone, can cause us to misinterpret their heart when for example they say: ‘I don’t agree with charity…’

What we hear and decide is that, they are not in any way a benevolent human being. When what they really meant was: they do not agree with certain Charitable Organisations that have been exposed as corrupt.

They just didn’t give us the full picture when they spoke…

Most (?) folks want to be honest. Even their ‘hard/difficult/cantankerous sides – they feel justified in not hiding from us, in the name of honesty.

And it’s true that ‘what you see is what you get’ is better than feigned niceness, or hypocritical sweetness that says one thing to your face and another behind your back.

As we go through life we encounter all kinds of words, from all kinds of mouths, exposing all kinds of hearts.

And thus we choose our friends carefully.

I sometimes consider my expectations, and standards too high, when it comes to what I expect from friendships. Because I see a predisposition in many to insincerity.

So yes I do seem to prefer the ‘real’ person as opposed to the ‘nice’ person.

Except when the real person isn’t nice to me 😅!!

In relationships of a less intimate kind, we often find ourselves having to ignore, tolerate, or suppress/deal with our negative responses to people we rub shoulders with every day, perhaps in a work situation.

Their ‘attitudes’, of course can give ground for gossip.

When others we work with, compare notes behind the person’s back.

This is how in the eyes of others, reputations unfortunately are indirectly formed or trashed.

Others see the same weaknesses in someone, and the reputation of what their heart is like, is established by ‘gossip agreement’.

Often though, others make the partial picture, regarding the person’s character, into the whole picture.

To get back to mindsets. We very quickly retreat into our particular mindset in given areas. Biases emerge/manifest, when we won’t think twice about the possibility of looking at something another way.

Be on sentry duty over your mind, and see if any wrong conclusions are wanting entry.

Be open to change. But firmly hold to moral principles.

Let our mindsets be formed by correct principles, and not by a careless accumulation of half-cocked conclusions.

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