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Giving a Painting

Giving a painting

(Drawing – Communion by Ken Riddles)

Wanted to write to you 

In my sincerity

Wanted to address you

with the respect you are due


Wanted to encourage with a hug

Or a pat on the back

Wanted to assure you that

We are both on track


Wanted to give you this

Just to say ‘Hi!”

It’s the last one I have

Hope it’s pleasing to the eye


My scrawls on paper

Will go down in history

Famous for not being famous

It’s just between you and me


As I stack ‘em high

Wall to wall pieces of art

Of no significance to buy

But a token of love set apart


Yes a token of affection

Just a piece of me

To say you’re my friend

And forever you will be

Majority not always right


It’s an awful thought that the majority are wrong. The majority have been wrong before – without going into examples from history, suffice to say, ‘majority rules ok’ – is not always the case.

There is no guarantee that the loud shouts from the minority – will prevail – even though a later generation may find out, that the minority were in fact right all along.

Conversely there will always be those who oppose the good sense of the majority and insist on their skewed point of view.

Now I leave it to you to think of examples of either of the two scenarios.

Every religion has a so called ‘point of view’.

Some cults in the minority will not listen to ‘reason’, as offered by those outside the cult.

Movements grow. We hear often of online grooming by evil organisations, that recruit young ‘impressionables’ to follow their extreme views and ways.

Another scenario is the minority increasing their numbers.

We think of the minority Nazis proselytising the majority until they became the Nazi majority.

And now the majority (in re: the Nazi context) look back and ask: ‘How could this have ever happened?’ – so ridiculous does it now seem.

Ridiculous until the present day pendulum of deception begins again to swing.

Jesus said: 

13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

I think it’s safe to conclude that many is the majority here and few the minority. (there are few who find it).

These are relative terms, from a ‘numbers’ perspective.

However there is a lesson here also that highlights the fact that many are on the broad way (to destruction) – and the few on the narrow way (that leads to life).

The broad road is the easy road. The narrow way is the more difficult (compressed) road, the one perhaps, not immediately attractive.

Why more difficult? For a number of reasons, indeed there may be many reasons we could highlight.

But to enter, or consider entering the narrow gate or venturing forth on the narrow way demands much more thought and heart-searching than what is required on the broad road, where the majority walk.

Do what comes naturally, sinfully and selfishly and you have qualified for the broad road.

So keeping it simple we have an equation:

Few – narrow entrance – narrow way – join the minority – eternal life.

Many – wide gate – broad road – join the majority – eternal death.

The minority got it right in this context. The narrow way leads to eternal life – the broad road to eternal death.

Those on the broad road that leads to destruction are quick to ignore or dismiss the wise, who walk the narrow way.

So it only remains to conclude – ‘the majority are not always right”.