I hear the words of the widow’s heart

I hear the words of the wordsmith’s interview

I rewind on both

My choice from one to the other

Creating a strange contrast in full view

Such different spirits I perceive

One with humility to breath

The other still wrangling and living the part


I perceive her loss and saddened heart

I see his tenacity ready to dispute

I see this world of all different types

I see this world still spinning – confused


Things – here today gone tomorrow

The heat of the moment suggesting pseudo-profundity

While the morrow doth bring a different score


I hear the wind outside my window

I see sleep approaching all gentle and peaceful

Because of my link with The Divine


I see the outlaw – perceived to be so

But not so – still they wouldn’t let Him go


I hear the crackle of the flames

Burning the crackly substance

As the sparks fly upwards – a reminder in tow

That troubled man will ever be so

Until the new dawn breaks in spiritual exposé


Many will rise and abide

Others into the soil will go until the angels work


I smell the sweet smell of the popcorn

As the cinema foyer is crossed over

I see the children with boxes of popular corn

They spill out – whilst looking guilty for doing so

With parents paying little attention


I hear the bells now all electronic

Playing their chiming song to half listening ears

I see the diminished congregation

Glad with relief just to be safe


I see all change – but no change at all

Outward conformity by hearts still the same


I see drifting in that wind

Might as well be drifting indefinitely

Until the wind ceases as breath leaves the body

And all embrace the common denominator

Common to man – common to all

‘Common as muck’ we used to say

Meaning something entirely different

Than mud to dust returning


I see the longing for hope buried and forgotten

By everyday endeavours

As the commonplace

Takes it’s place in uncommon parlance

Elevated to a pseudo-sacred place


I’m leaving now – ‘farewell…’

Still in this life

To watch and wait

And see the interesting progression

Of our fate

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