Youthful nights


I sit and watch the man

Crossing the square – where

No one else is to be found

It’s that time of day

When all have departed

All office workers gone

The silence before

The nightlife begins

Rudderless youth stepping out

Putting on the style

All primed with emotional hope

Ordinarily – boy meets girl

Exchanging glances

Like brand-newness personified

In their latest clothes

Bought in the afternoon

Before it all begins and

The traffic lessens

As that other time is reached

When the clubs are frequented

Clubs of differing kinds

But there my knowledge ends

As I have only my era to reflect upon

And much as youth is equipped

With the same senses

The in-thing is often out

No telling the latest craze

Or slang exchanges

Slang words in new forms

Messages exchanged and understood

Laughs aghast and tittering

Some boisterous horsing around

And girls staring at the foolishness

And underneath the longings lie

And their ‘wondering’ still wonders

And the questions randomly picked

From the question-box of life

Are mostly ignored


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