Amsterdam Quest


I set off again on my Amsterdam quest

We can only try our best

Accompanying — is the buzz of former times

With memories that rhyme

A different soul I be

Transformed inwardly

With literature in my hand

A one man band

I stop to ask directions

Hoping for other reflections

And indeed I’m not disappointed

And often anointed

I meet those bound-up with hurt and strife

I hold forth the bread of life

Some listen – others ignore

I buy someone lunch as we further explore

Why we are on this planet

Some see it – others cannot

The whole experience is so worthwhile

While I live my day as God’s child

Dishing out the smiles, handshakes,

Friendly words, whatever it takes

To get you on board

With my precious pearls from The Sword

Those planted seeds

When yielded to – will meet your needs

And you will succumb – no longer to run

Except to embrace The Only Begotten Son

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