Time Moves


Time –

No stopping to look at itself –

Whizzes past –

Past the things on the shelf

Down the driveway and far away

Living to move another day


And with the watches raised to the eyes

We mutter our impatient conclusions

As though to eliminate our confusion

‘Dear me – look at the time!!’

But we can’t – though we might want

To look at it – and grab it by the lapels

Illusive time smiles while on it’s way

To another day


Down the road in the bus

It follows us everywhere –

Through elation and despair


We try to swat-it like a fly

It jumps another hybrid jump

And we follow it to the pump

It’s time for petrol

Now – to pay

Taking ten minutes of our day


A snow flake falls in winter time

The silent orchestra – sonata sublime

Slicing buttery time into a few seconds

Disappearing into another form

That will soon dry up – taking time

To evaporate


Off to work you must go –

In on time? Only you know

Often as not perhaps – your excuse to make:

‘There was a hold-up in the traffic

Well you know how much time that takes’


Times and seasons set within His power


It’s time to move on –

A shattered relationship at this hour

At the end of a stable period

The shattering appeared – so weird

As you hold the broken pieces

Taking time to find the missing chord

Where is that missing piece – and peace?


The tragedy of man’s inability to co-exist

Full-on loving – ending in a twist

Time heals wounds – or so they say

But you don’t know what else to pray?


Time can drift at your designated pace

Boredom sets-in and you scold yourself

– It’s a disgrace –

How much time you have wasted this week

But you are not unique

For many have likewise fallen prey

To times slippery feel – year – month – week – day


And as the wrinkles start to appear

Saying ‘remember time is still here’

We look in the mirror – but decide to stop

The wrinkles are here below and at the top


Be more productively involved

In using your time before it ‘evolves’

Into nothingness and unfruitfulness


It came after eternity that has always been

Subjecting us to it’s constant sway

We try to use it well – but who can really say?


Of time – there is still much to be addressed

But it won’t hang about until we have suppressed

Our tendency to want to order it right

Before you know it – the day is night


Anyway – time to take a break

Time does not follow-suit

It’s in every description you care to moot

We can’t escape it – it’s here to stay


Until the Judgement Day

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