A Plan


She said this and he said that

Then before they knew it –

She said that and he said this


Something had gone amiss

He couldn’t understand her

(If you get my gist)


Something had gone amiss

She couldn’t understand him

The relationship – was anything but bliss


So they fought and fought

And he caught – the next bus out of town

He didn’t leave as he ought


But then it was hard to be nice

And say the right things

When she had slapped him twice


In all of this – the agro wouldn’t go away

So – that was why – they had to say

Good-bye – they just couldn’t stay


Two months passed by and they met

They found the peace they couldn’t get

Both embraced – he a blonde/she a brunette


And it was in that embrace

As though they saw each other

for the first time

That they saw the possibility that

their lives could rhyme


So they met up again for a meal

Slowly as they talked and listened 

Communication – meant growing appeal


So the day came –

marriage vows were made

They embraced permanently

the appeal having stayed


The cement of marriage they discovered

Was keeping short accounts –

putting stitches back in place

Too many break-ups in marriages – it’s a disgrace

Let’s get our act together as the human race


And if you want any advice –

take it from each other

In equal portions if you can

The woman is right and so is the man

There you have it – a marriage plan

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