Moving in Grey


The painting came first – then the poem

People moving in grey

Blue coats – red coats – orange coats


But moving in grey

Going about their business

Concentrated looks 

Or in puzzlement and inertia


But moving in grey


People trying to lift the morning

They try remarks

Sly remarks – dry remarks

But all fade away


Moving in grey


Lunch-break – a time to rest

Feet up

Hands move across lunch tables

“Pass the salt – sugar or sauce”

Cuffs scuff as they move away

Time to go back


To moving in grey


The weekend is reached

Another week gone

What to think about now

As we travel on


Moving in grey


Somebody stood out

They got out of grey

Only to return to


Moving in grey


Zombie-isation of the world

Means all feeling and morals go

‘No colours anymore

I want them to turn black…’


Nobody will admit it

But that’s the craic

Through this metaphor I say:



is moving

in grey

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