Blogging – what again!?

Blogging – what again?

Just a note (or two) on blogging.

I don’t know if it is a ‘leftover’ from having lived a few previous decades before this one – long enough in fact, to not be totally enamoured with our IT/computerised-village-green communication substitute – world.

Where everyone meets online – rather than sitting on a bench in the village square.

This square or oblong glassed fish tank in front of us bloggers, robs us of the sweetness of actual live, in-the-flesh, camaraderie meet-ups — for the exchange of news and ideas by orally traditional means.

All kinds of other by-products being the result of this front-of-screen fellowship. With the resulting lose of many precious human face-to-face communicative experiences.

Like the proverbial ‘nod-and-a-wink’, ‘audible mutual hearty laughter’, ‘would you like a sweetie (candy)?’, ‘the look on your face – ha ha ha!’, ‘physical pats on the back’, the ‘actual colour’ observation of the sweater you are wearing’ and so on. 

I’m not putting this loss down to Covid – which only added to the drift of how humans are separating and substituting basic great-connecting-bliss, for something much less and Zombie-ish – practices.

I’m just going to stop there. As I am getting way off my real reason for this short post. Laughing at my own detour.

So take the above as the pontification of a gentleman who is as young as you – but a lot older. (😅)

Blogging: – we all (I think) have run the full gamut of thoughts that come and go over the period of time we have been blogging.

One by one a lot of the thoughts that might cause us to do things differently – disappear – without any action being taken.

There are of course still plenty of ‘how to’ posts to be found on all the passing queries that have entered and exited our minds, with regard to the whole subject of ‘to blog or not to blog that is the question’

How to increase traffic for instance and…

To prove my point I will now stop there at the ‘…’

I will refrain from mentioning all the other blog facts and factors, outlooks and recommended actions, forsaking the desire to sound like I have brilliantly covered the subject to the applause of the balcony.

Not hard to forsake my measly knowledge on the subject.

I am in fact ‘a mole and I live in a hole’.

My hole is a pleasant one – where I reflect on better times. Maybe I’m talking of my man cave? My time warp man cave.

Is it an actual Man Cave you might ask?

No, just rather, a place of comfort via reminiscing.

Maybe if someone just reblogged my stuff ad infinitum, that would save me from having to enter the 21st century and actually do something to ‘promote’ this blog?

What you hear is someone who has drifted into doing his post every few days (and little else technically).

Still – one must write – and here I could give you all kinds of reasons why I must, as you could – me.

So is there anything new under the blogging sun?

Yes – your next post.

4 thoughts on “Blogging – what again!?

  1. We write because we must. It’s as simple as that. You paint because you must. It’s a part of our persona. When we can do so for the glory of God, that’s all that matters.

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    1. Thanks for responding. Yes – I’m sure others would agree – and as a scribe I’m glad of the vehicle to share with others. As long as the next generation balance it with face to face fellowship. 👍


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