Thoughts unsettled


Now as you might have seen

There’s not much changing in the scene

Paradoxically everything is in flux


Your thoughts may go from down and out

To what you might think is deluxe

But off they go again unsettled

in the extreme


As you look at this planet – reeling

You want to scream

You think this and you think that

You think maybe – tit for tat


But climate change doesn’t change a thing

When man’s behaviour is left or right-wing


It’s a mystery – even before the bye and bye

Earth and moon – sun and stars and sky

One of which will be dissolved


Our bodies too 

but there’s more than that – involved


In the fragility of time – the years clock-in

All because of corruption – all because of sin


Look unto the hills if you will

From whence comes your help?


Ask and I will tell you

This is the thought-settling truth


Christ The Lord is risen

His Presence – undeniable Proof


That He has left a guide book

(That should be no surprise)

Without it – the truth you will never realise

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