The big wind blows

You don’t know that wind

It’s never been here before

What do you know about wind?

It freezes to the bone

Up up and away in your

Beautiful idea of wind

As you reach to get the hat back

But it tumbles to it’s end

You – looking over the cliffside

As it floats down to it’s demise


Winds as winds go

You will not take time to pursue

You’re not a tornado chaser

But to escape one –

you will not reside

Rather ‘hit the road Jack’

before it abides

Now no wind is complete

Without the rain and hail

All of these are metaphors

That go beyond the pale

If you do not have an inkling

To hoist up your sail


Though in ‘riddles’ I speak

The next page is blown over

Now you can have a peek

Rambling in the windy air

I stumble to declare

Never man spake like the son of man

The Son of God – to declare:

He’s the One who created the wind

But you ask ‘is there anybody there?’


There’s another wind far superior

Mysterious to those who don’t know

Comforting – to blow away your turmoil

He will stay – and say what you need to hear

And you will know it – to be so

A ‘so be it’ amen – leaves your lips


Last but by no means least

It only remains to say

It blows where it will

Your number to display

Carrying you to a vision

Of an all-spiritual array

His life to offer – fresh and pure


For all your ills

at last…

In His wind –

you have found the cure

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