I’m assuming I am the exception that proves the rule.

To what do you refer ‘young man’?

Well, I am not a prolific reader. I am not as they say: ‘Well read’. I have not read a novel in many many years.

I read the Word of God daily of course and know what it is to saturate myself in it’s life-changing power. 

I read also the odd Christian ‘theology’ book, and I also used to read books on art regularly.

I of course read the odd blog post also. 😎

But – I write a lot – I write and leave it aside for future scrutiny and don’t always get back to giving it that scrutiny.

Usually writers are good readers right? That’s the exception I speak of.

I do love words, however. Putting them together in new ways. Playing with words. Poetry – I like to keep an enigmatic element to some of it. Like my approach to art (as in painting) – I like to invent – and have fun.

But when I write on Christian teaching – I am obliged to be as clear as I can. Knowing that, regardless of how clearly I speak the truth – it will not always be understood.

The Lord Jesus had the same problem:

50 …But they did not understand what he was saying to them…

That’s how it can be with the things of God.

Everyone should ask themselves if they have searched enough, in the scriptures, to find out it’s true meaning. It is an exercise no one can do for you.

The exhortation to ‘search the scriptures’, can be either ignored, dismissed as being religiously incoherent, responded to with minds that are already made up being filled with everything that contradicts what the Bible says – or you can make such a search a long term prospect – it’s up to you.

But be assured:

…seek and you will find;

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