For those who can spare the time from ‘busyness’, we give thought to the world and all that’s happening in it.

If I’m honest my thoughts are not preoccupied with climate change. Like everyone else I’m aware there is need – but my desire is not first for changing the planet – but rather for seeing the hearts of men change.

This should be the priority. Because with this change many of the world’s ‘physical’ problems will disappear, as man as a result – changes his outward behaviour.

All that we know and see will pass away. Matthew 24/

35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

The Word or Words that will never pass are of course all that God has revealed and all that Christ has said.

The problems that exist can be traced back to the heart of mankind.

Selfishness and greed and a great inability to distribute all the necessities of life evenly and fairly across the globe, exposes the real problem – one we all share.

We all share it – because we are born with the same ‘handicap’ – the same selfish nature.

And thus a lot of plans go awry when humans get together to do good.

There is an outward show of righteousness. An outward show of empathy or compassion, which is either pseudo, or runs out of steam.

We are also discouraged by the enormity of the problems.

As I write this I’m aware that I too need a kick in the backside with regard to good works.

The way we are separating ourselves (relatively speaking) because of  Covid considerations, furnishes us with an excuse for less action.

But the church needs help, real help, in many ways.

Psalm 121:

…From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the Lord,

Who made heaven and earth.


Lord forgive us for our indolence and lack of understanding. Forgive us if we are blatantly missing the obvious. Forgive us if we are not using our faith sufficiently – and at the same time hear our cry for…


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