Life Gets Teejus Don’t It? 2021

We can be going through our daily routine. We can be catching that train, eating that lunch, doing those household chores, visiting ‘the club’, having coffee with that same old friend, doing our daily exercise-walk, and going to church on Sunday etc.

Whatever it is for you. Whatever entails the same mindsets. You can do it with much or little thought, perhaps on ‘automatic pilot’. So that at night the thought crosses your mind: ‘Did I do my exercising-walk today? Or was that yesterday?’. Showing – that you were on ‘automatic pilot’ when you did it.

Routine, routine routine.

The old lyric goes:

‘I open the door an’ the flies swarm in.

I shut the door an’ I’m sweatin’ again.

I move too fast an’ I crack my shin.

Just one durn thing after t’other.

As far as I know the title of the song is Life Gets Teejus Don’t It? (One assumes tedious?)

I look back on tremendous ‘lived moments’ with The Lord Jesus Christ – my personal Saviour. Is He yours?

Personal. Personal moments daily. Some I can look back on were very powerful. Tangible unmistakable moments of unspeakable joy! When Jesus manifested Himself to me. I am very very thankful for those personal moments, with the lover of my soul.

Then there are the quiet moments that come like a momentary gentle breeze brushing my inner man.

Glimpses – yes glimpses only – into the eternal realm.

And now we have what is coming upon the earth – in contrast.

Times of shaking, times of sorrows increasing in this world of ours, moral decline left right and centre, people dropping like flies and yet man still doesn’t ask the important questions.

Then there is Covid. And the isolation of the population. Then there is coming out and back to semi-normal. Then there is getting back to routines.

Then there is ‘Life Gets Teejus Don’t It?’.

Yes – that which is common to man – we have a routine life to live – that involves responsibility for family and friends. Responsibility to do the best we can.

Times for the Christian to remind him/herself of the wonderful things of God, even during times of no ‘open vision’.

Time in a nutshell to embrace the great truth:

Matthew 4/

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Time to eat drink and live the Word of The Living God. The most precious treasure in all the earth!

It is never routine reading.

Watcha gonna find?

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