A confusing dialogue between three letters. (Interspersed with truth).

A – “So you are Non Christian.

Well – hello Non how’s it going?”

B – “What kind of Christian is that?”


C – “Non is gone

He was here a moment ago, but has fled

He doesn’t like being called Non”.

A – “Non gone… has he become a follower of Christ then?”

C – “Don’t know – maybe so?”

B – “Or is Non a special category Christian?”

C – “No – he is an event”

A – “A Non event then?”

C – “Yes a Non believer”

A – “Well at least he’s a believer”

B – “So is the devil”

C – “Is the devil a Non believer?”

A – “No he is a Non-event

To all who put their trust in Christ”

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