A new ‘About’ has come.

Goes like this – all previous posts have squatted to the house of trash.

They may never leave the property.

The space they previously occupied will be filled with new inhabitants.

As orchestrated by me starting – October 2018.

Meantime the world still spins.

It’s not a nice place to be – increasingly so.

My name is Ken Riddles.

In light of the fact that everything is being distorted and things either no longer mean what they say – or what is said is misunderstood – or what is said is mis-interpreted to mean something else – or truth is the present lie – or man falls about the place in a daze of confusion –

Despite all this – The Truth remains in place – but often not in the intellect of mankind.

There is no cool or clever way to say it – there is just the stating of fact – true fact – The Truth, The Life, The Way – is a person.