Hi and welcome.

Person – Parent – Painter – Poet – Preacher, pretty much answers the who or what questions.

About – is the spot that most of us gravitate to, when visiting someone’s blog. We like to know who is saying, – what is being said.
It helps explain why they are saying it. Or if you like, helps tell us who they are by what is being said.

You will be glad to know I am a person. 😀
A Parent of grown up children. (Should mention still 100% in love with his wife! – so a blessed husband.)
A painter who believes painting will never die. (As quoted elsewhere on this blog):-

Painting will never die, it will remain an ‘old friend-alternative’ to the eye fatigue of computer screens. Painting has entered a new phase of possible re-definition, because it competes with the pixelated ‘intruder’.

A Poet – but what is poetry?

A preacher:   My preacher ‘part’ will be found at thebiblereturns.wordpress.com

Profession: I worked for many years as a typesetter
in a local weekly newspaper.

LIKES: My favourite word is sincerity – I like to meet sincere people, whether they agree with me or not.

Custard and ice cream (together).
Art of course, and poetry.
Fishing, football (soccer).
Movies about real life/people, rather than
blockbusters with special effects.

Guess that’s it – hope it’s enough, for
you to stick around…😀