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Blog dilemma? 😎


From time to time I have been contemplating starting another blog.
The reason being – that I am often ‘tossed’ between my role as a teacher/preacher and that of an artist, when it comes to ‘blogging content’.

The blog I have contemplated starting, is to give an airing to the major part of my life – namely my spiritual walk with The Lord Jesus Christ.

I read blogs with Christian content – and I conclude they are written for Christians. But just wonder sometimes what kind of audience the authors consider themselves to be addressing?

In my present blog I have explained the wearing of ‘different hats’ to mean that the blog is a mixture, incorporating different aspects of my life’s engagement.

But I am seeing the need to share a lot more of what I have received spiritually. And so the thought of a new blog, seems to be the solution.

For those kind enough to take an interest, who can spare a moment of their valuable time – please pray with me.

The plan at the moment is to separate (and add to) the Christian teaching from the seedsinmotiontruthnart blog and transfer it to a new blog. Leaving the present blog’s content to be mostly art and poetry.

Help me too – with the following query:- it’s commendable that WordPress is free. But does this ‘privilege’ extend to having more than one blog free? Perhaps someone can inform me if this is normal or possible?

Meantime I remain – still – Yours Truly – seedsinmotiontruthnart.







The Pile

Things at the top of the pile
Things to the forefront
Things most popular
Most likes – most publicity
Most held views
Most educationists conclude…
Majority lifestyles
Everyday philosophy
Working down the pile now…
Another esteemed trend
Everybody doing it
That’s where they all go
Everybody is at this
The consensus has it…
The polls say…
We have long abandoned that…
The post-modernist view is…
Eclectic religious mix
Entering the last third of the pile…
Redundant – defunct – obsolete
Nothing down here to consider
The relegated view
At the bottom of the pile
Not popular to think that way anymore…
In the minority
We have moved-on now
It’s 2017
And last – and for some – the least…
The gospel of Jesus Christ.

But beyond the pile of popular belief – stands the hidden treasure – the incorruptible – the only true.
John 1/11:  He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him.…