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A lady dressed in a dark blue suit, was seemingly trying to look at all of his paintings at once…
At least so it seemed by the way she pondered none of them.
As he sat staring at his own painting, lost in it’s design, he couldn’t help wondering if she too, allowed herself to be as focused in her appreciation of art, as he was?
The whole idea of someone bringing forth an end result from within themselves, through hand, sight and mind co-ordination that could not be produced by any other human being, held, for him, a great fascination.
The artist in everyone, could be expressed given the necessary tools.
Pencil and paper, Canvas and paints, metal and soldering iron, stone and chisel, cardboard and glue, random objects in post-modern expression – whatever.
The good, the bad and the ugly in art – is/was still unique to the individual who created it, and the diversity in people’s taste is of course immense.
“If only we could allow ourselves to stop and take the time to look and then see, we could then – appreciate…”. Or so he mused…
“How much is it…?” she asked in an impatient manner, pointing her finger at one painting.
“It’s priceless…”
“Yeah yeah – how much…?”
“It’s free…” he responded.
Looking decidedly unconvinced – she continued: “Ok can I see something worth more…”