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it’s all in the ‘s’

it’s all in the ’s’

saccharine sludge from separate sweets
slid unceremoniously sideways into the sink

simmering sausages slid eventually onto the plate
stubbing his toe – he nevertheless sat in something resembling a chair and glared suspiciously at the sausages he had set before him

sad to have no suitable side-kicks sat next to him, he subsequently sought the company of the cat…

setting it’s teeth into his sausage separating the
skin from the meat – sam the cat sat satisfied by his slightly sub-standard meal

the sausage supplier slid his hand suddenly through his shirt and checked his stomach

satisfied with his set meal he sandwiched the seven remaining sausages between salt bread saving it for sunday.

sleep suggested itself – so safely sitting suspended in his sleeping bag – he and the cat napped.