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Back to Front

(A fictional dialogue based on an incident
that took place between my grandparents,
– on my mother’s side.
To be passed down in oral tradition to the
subsequent generations)


Kirky – you’re putting those dungarees on
Back to Front!

I’ve been putting on dungarees this forty years
And you’re telling me how to put them on?

You’re putting them on back to front

Do you work in the factory?

What are you talking about – ?

Well you seem to know a lot about dungarees.

No, it’s just you are putting them on back to front.

My – I wish I had your knowledge of dungarees.
I’d start my own dungarees factory if I had.
And I would sew into the trouser leg:
‘How to put on dungarees ’
That way – wives wouldn’t have to tell
their husbands how to put dungarees on
I mean there’s two legs there
Not just one
So it’s easy to get mixed up
When there’s so many legs to choose from
And, and, – there is all those straps to contend with…
And buttons
You could tie yourself in knots trying to sort those out
So anyway, a man of my experience in dungarees
Is putting them on yet again – after forty years doing so.



Your’e putting those dungarees on back to front.