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Words Strung Together


A poem-a-day keeps the cobwebs away
Try to remove the ‘corn’ from this production

Slice it in two and bring the two parts together:

a poem of cobwebs keeps the day away
and in a-way a cobweb of poems keeps the day

You have been granted leave to
move on now
As we take our collaged slices
to a new level
cutting it at every letter and
ransom-noting a message to
hide below the rock

It is now rock-based and steady as a rock
the letters lie in wait/weight to re-form
in a new formation
like fighter planes
arrayed across either side of the runway

Letters that say nothing until word-formed
and sentence-induced to rise into the ether

Hidden words contained in the letters
Volatile mixtures of joined-up-writing
blossoming like flowers into expressive
sights and sounds

This is the life of language up close and accessible
or far removed, distant and inaccessible to the ‘common man’

What will you have? Words for words sake?
Articulating themselves to form no meaning
or do you choose ‘simple’ – simple as:
Simple Simon who met a pie man going to the fair?

Enough now of lowbrow or high
We started with corn and finish with bread:

For example – maybe?
Go see-hear what Shakespeare said?


Abstracts Together

Abstracts together

(Left to right from the top):

Down through scaffolding
Figure 1
Abstract on the diagonal
Running Animals
Working Guitar

Words passing onto paper as abstracts developed:

Obliterating to find…pen line intuition…passing hooks…cerulean blue with essential direction line…with tension giving lines…without over spending…tie up…shapes vying for attention…multi-filled piece…spiral platform…enmeshed head…patterns in life and art…the work that cranes do…where does it all end…dynamic brought full out…a barrage of abstraction released upon the world…pale fire…an abstract a day keeps the doctor away…only jokin’…laybrynth…this looks better with music…abstract enjoined…don’t let this fool you…

abstracs together

Write to Draw


He thought he would write a poem
With feathered quill
his pleasure
was enhanced

Feeling so grand –
but with no white frilly cuffs
Still – in his mind
he played the part of
the Lord of the Manor

Scratch, scratch, upon the paper –
the noise sounded authentic
He began to get used to ink –
and slowly it began to flow

It was easier now on
the third lap of scroll
Conjoined writing
becoming uniform
and beautiful

He wrote and wrote –

What he wrote was secondary
to writing
as write became draw
In such a fashion as to
thrill his own self

And in the end it became art only
Not for reading but for seeing –
seeing an art-work worth having.

Worth –
framing these words
of inferior content
But superior in every other way.

The words were transformed
into a visuality of life –
persons and places appeared –
a narrative unfolded in
transformed ligatures and loops –
ink stained forms –
e-i-o-u’s into views…

Circus choice…


The first of these design ‘depictions’ is pen and coloured pencil, rendered in a somewhat naive style.
The second was drawn with a mouse in an early photoshop layered ‘compilation’ (Photoshop 4 – I think).
They are not connected in any way.
Which (if any) do you prefer?




Clown n Seal