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Abstracts Together

Abstracts together

(Left to right from the top):

Down through scaffolding
Figure 1
Abstract on the diagonal
Running Animals
Working Guitar

Words passing onto paper as abstracts developed:

Obliterating to find…pen line intuition…passing hooks…cerulean blue with essential direction line…with tension giving lines…without over spending…tie up…shapes vying for attention…multi-filled piece…spiral platform…enmeshed head…patterns in life and art…the work that cranes do…where does it all end…dynamic brought full out…a barrage of abstraction released upon the world…pale fire…an abstract a day keeps the doctor away…only jokin’…laybrynth…this looks better with music…abstract enjoined…don’t let this fool you…

abstracs together

Write to Draw


He thought he would write a poem
With feathered quill
his pleasure
was enhanced

Feeling so grand –
but with no white frilly cuffs
Still – in his mind
he played the part of
the Lord of the Manor

Scratch, scratch, upon the paper –
the noise sounded authentic
He began to get used to ink –
and slowly it began to flow

It was easier now on
the third lap of scroll
Conjoined writing
becoming uniform
and beautiful

He wrote and wrote –

What he wrote was secondary
to writing
as write became draw
In such a fashion as to
thrill his own self

And in the end it became art only
Not for reading but for seeing –
seeing an art-work worth having.

Worth –
framing these words
of inferior content
But superior in every other way.

The words were transformed
into a visuality of life –
persons and places appeared –
a narrative unfolded in
transformed ligatures and loops –
ink stained forms –
e-i-o-u’s into views…