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You’re looking well ladies

2014-06-20 13.27.02 copy
You’re looking well ladies (Watercolour)

Role Models Welcome

welcome copy 2
Welcome (Photoshop) KR


The role models are all gone
No one left to carry on

The idea of such is back to front
The ‘ideal’ – lost – made blunt

No sharpness or cutting edge left
Only self-seeking indulgence – bereft…

Of character and wholesome example
Genuine stalwarts with good intentions –
Virtues to reach the younger ones

Instead we have lunatics with guns

Egoists hanging on ahead
Filling their coffers with filthy lucre’s bread

But what will pointing this out do?
Is there a remnant of choice-persons
coming through?

Are there any to salvage decencies cause?
Is normality – permanently on pause?

Is there an inkling even so to be?
Any examples left – fortuitously?

Or will a ‘morality skid row’ drag
others down
To the lowest level to be found?

Is there light on the horizon and hope
– Springing eternal against hope?

Can we step up to the mark
Can we care enough to embark…

On restoration of father’s hearts
to children, children’s to fathers
Getting ‘Stedfast love’ – off to a fine art?

Love for the King of Kings
as into the kingdom we freshly bring

Those who don’t know where to look
Adults having failed, morality forsook

But arise
all is not irredeemable
Hold forth the Word of Life as believable

It will not return void
It’s power producing one accord

Hearts suddenly made alive to God
Clean escaping Ichabod
No condemnation to those who believe
A life forgiven and retrieved.

Role models what are they?
Role models what will they say?
Role models lining up to show
Role models all in a row

Genuine men – and women too
Setting themselves to be true.
Role models of a different kind
Seeing clearly – not blind.
Reaching their hands out
Standing firm with no shadow of doubt

Where are the role models
Do you care to check?

Role models welcome back.