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The Inlet

The Inlet (Oils)

The Serene Scene

The following poem was prompted
by a comment on one of my previous
posts (The Pond),
left by my friend
David Ettinger over on dettinger47


Serene scene – or so it seems – to you
Serene scene – whispering a fond adieu.

Seems to me – what it seems to you
Seems the colour is the colour

to choose
to infuse

the feeling of the moment

A monumental piece of work
For the 21st century? (sic)

But it’s only a place – far from you – (near me)
And will be forgotten in a week or two
(thus the adieu)

To sit at such waterside and reflect upon
The world God made and what’s going on.

Time is travelling on
And on…and on…and on…

‘No time like the present’
But then there is no present
It’s here – but then it’s gone

So reflection in the mind
Reflections in the Pond
In this screwed up world…
Mental Reflection is not what is going on

Not on this non-reflective surface
Of a world gone wrong.

They won’t reflect –
except for the chosen few
Who cannot serenely rest until

They get through…

Get through to the meaning of life
Finding the one who is True

Then satisfied they arise
Despite societies onslaught

They serenely Rest in the Son
and properly enjoy
the serene scene…

with serenity of heart
enhanced like it’s never been