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Strength for the day

Strength for the day

When you begin the journey of your day
Do you stop to think in any way?
“Pause for thought” as they say
Prayer is free – no need to pay
Before you face the crowd’s sway
Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay
You will be challenged in the fray
Misunderstood on life’s speedway
But ask for God’s strength – that’s okay
Jesus won’t let you down Sunday to Saturday





Sarcasm – ‘the lowest form of wit…’
Was all he had going for him
As he dished out liberally doses of
this kind of medicine

As though it was a cure-all for
his fellow compatriot’s shortcomings

Until one day he met Sarcasm
face to face
The Smackdown World Champion
of a very sarcastic man
Caustic – very Sar-caustic

One session in the ring with
– and he was cured
of his own sarcastic ways





He walked – head down
Staring at the ground

Watching the grasses below his feet
bending backwards and then
springing back to life
as he looked back at his trodden path

He moved on through the undergrowth
Expecting to reach his destination at
any moment
He had not been that way before

Then he awoke and had his breakfast
It had been a dream – or so it did seem

He had not been that way before
Then he awoke and had his breakfast
After the dream about awaking and having his breakfast

It had been a dream about having a dream
– or so it did seem…



The rain constantly dripped
from the gutter
before my very eyes

Staring – daydreaming as
I watched from the window
Watching watching watching
No record of my thoughts
The sun came out
The rain ceased

Could I keep this up?
Could I sit until the sun
had done it’s work?

Until that drip no longer dripped
And that globule – breathed it’s last

Until that oval pip of water
And it’s crystal clear invention
stopped completely

And the gutter called leak
Could no longer find a drink

Could I wait that long?

No sooner said than done
It stopped somewhere mid-thought

No time like the present!
Strong stuff this sun.


‘Jenga’ eating

Deftly reaching for the next piece
You know this game – one wrong move etc.
And all will tumble
Block after block removed
It’s about to crumble – yet no – hang on
It hasn’t, I live to fight another… go
We interrupt this broadcast poem-ism
To take you somewhere else,
No longer in ‘metaphor’
Do you think you can handle it?
Here goes –
Deftly reaching for the next piece
I quickly throw caution to the wind
Straight into the mouth goes the carrot cake
No turning back, no looking back
Even longingly for another piece
No other piece was had
Disaster and Triumph went hand in hand
“That’s the way to do it!”
I remember Punch or Judy say
Failure followed by success



Job well done – will do


Nobody’s that great
That they keep rushing back for more
More of your song – your voice – your genius
Your up in the clouds of praise
Then down in the ditch of despair
Genuine praise is always only a percentage
Take large numbers and subtract
Conclude that the small – very few
Will stick with you
For you are the grand old Duke of York
When you are up in their estimation
You are up
When you are down you are down
Best not to rise dependant on their degree
Best to rise in what you be
As you satisfy your jury of one
And hear your own – well done.