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and in the crowds
pairs of individual –
legs, feet, arms, eyes, ears,

And in the crowds
hurry, hassle, hustle and bustle

Like a tornado of individual notes
tapping the ground
in rush and sway
and clamour
and pushing
and shoving
and astonishment

Onlookers stare,
‘where and how
and what
is this all about?’

Building now to crescendo
riotous behaviour
as space appears allowing
each small skirmish

violent – is it drug induced?
alcohol fuelled?
mis-matching blows

individuals falling
– trodden on
– screaming
– horror
– pain

still the onlookers look
standing clear
far enough away

viewing but not pursuing
indifferent to the unknown cause

of such wild abandonment
what’s the cause?
what’s the cure?
what’s the year?

you name it
you have seen it before
what cause will you stick this crowd to?

The issues are built up to boiling release
to torturous abandonment
of principles
– no love no compassion

no time for such things
‘too much injustice’ they began to cry

but now all refrain – has left
now all is lost
in devilment

now –
only hurt, resist, kill,
– will do.

and the aftermath?

no words can tell
for all have become blind

sorrow and regret and
‘it was worth it’ cliches.

All injured parties
are all parties
all rioters are seeking
pain relief

all involved –
fade away
living to fight another day
causes cause this –
what cause justifies this?

“You pacifist with your word-fists
and pen mightier than the sword,
what do you offer?
we have no need of cheeks to turn,

we have no need of peace to return
until the day when we cry ‘Victory!’
we will not rest
and with the next generation
we will leave an inheritance
of blood sweat and tears –
this has been hard won”
we will say

and proud we be, as we fall into
the ground
‘we did it for you’
last breath will say

(but this is no proper war)
and all will pass away