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‘Same ol’ same ol’…’

‘Same ol’ same ol’…’

I imagine we are all familiar with that statement.
What is normally meant by it is: “We don’t have a lot to report. Not much happening. Nothing really any different than usual”.

We are restless in our natures. Everyone is motivated or de-motivated by different thoughts and different things.

In some cases, for the person working a 9 to 5 – it’s getting through the working day – motivated by the thought of a relaxing evening (especially if you have sore feet).

For those not working, but still restless over proper use of their time – well, we could list the hobbies, but suffice to say motivated by the next mini or maxi ‘project’.

Some are extremely ambitious. They love projects and climbing ‘the chain of command ladder’ in their employment, can be one of them.

However, some get so sick of this (they call it the rat race) that they provide – ‘copy’ or ‘script’ – for documentaries on ‘Why they gave it all up to go and live in outer Mongolia’.

They are certainly motivated in a
new way out there.

Monetary gain, world fame, being the best at…, sensual satisfaction of one kind or another, and the ‘interested in…’ list which is never ending, – can provide motivation to get on with life, and it’s presumed enjoyment.

Too many have been waylaid by involvement in an addiction to drugs of one kind or another, losing all motivation except for an addictive drive for the next fix.

In light of the awful things some folks have had to endure, or go through, the last thing they need is some moralist stuck up in the gallery somewhere, who looks down and ‘tut-tuts’.

But it’s also true that without co-operation of some kind – from a person whose life has been full of trial and tribulation and in context: addiction, then little can be done to help regardless of the prescribed solution.

Often a genuine and sincere will – to help, is not enough. Especially if those who are addicted cannot bring themselves to see the one helping as anything more than a possible provider of that next fix.

The person helping becomes the abused, rejected or manipulated ‘victim’ of a false accusatory form of guilt-oppression, because they don’t give-in to the needy person’s next whim.

They patiently try to help, with long-suffering, forgiving ‘490 times’, overlooking the anger and mental or physical attack upon their person, as they try to stay focused on providing that help, only perhaps to succumb eventually, to throwing in the towel.

Who can possibly call that one? – When to stop and give up on someone I mean?

Stopping may be an option, but giving up shouldn’t be.

Perhaps this someone – is ‘hell-bent’ on self-destructing.

Most(?) folks have a part of them that wants to help others.

And the Christian is supposed to be the ‘extra-mile’ person who will endure, to bring the person into the ‘recovering…’ category.

When the disciples of Jesus couldn’t handle a given situation they (and this is the key) handed things over to their Master.
(Matt. 17/17-19. Mark 9/9, 9/18, 9/28. Luke 9/40).

Do you hand things over to Him? Starting with your life?

Well sorry, but at some point, human nature even in the person you most trust, will falter and fail.

But the one who took upon Himself human nature – the one it isn’t always easy to ‘see’ in a given situation – will stick by you, longer than anyone else, in fact if you ask Him He will do it for all eternity.

Proverbs 18/24
A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I started with ‘Same ol’, Same ol’.
I finish with
‘His mercies are NEW everyday’ (Lamentations: 3/22-23)

‘Reach out for Him – He’ll be there, with Him your troubles you can share…’ (lyrics: Van Morrison)