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HELP (not remotely
or with apologies to
the famous Bard.)

Come let me help you
But what shall I say?
Come, a lending hand I extend
How are you today?

I will try to cheer with word
But words are not just what I say
I fly into your life like a bird
I’ll say…again if I may…

Can I help you in any way?

Help me? – well yes – I too
could do with some help
If that’s all right with you?

Come, let us take mutual benefit
Let us go arms around shoulders
Merrily on our way as befits
two good friends
So few and far between are they

I’ll be there for you
And you’ll be there for me
That’s as it should be

So finally…

Take comfort in my invitation
To join along with me
Let’s cut a caper of merry dance
Let’s advance
onward and upward
On life’s great journey

What do you need today?
I’m free for an hour or two…

Do not dismay
Firm handshake then…
…If you have – elsewhere to be,
And much to do

Perhaps another time
When you are through…